More or Less: Pastel Platforms

Think you need to spend big bucks to look like a million bucks? We’re here to show you that you don’t need to drop serious cash in order to look like your fave celebrities with a new feature called More or Less. Today’s inaugural post is about one of our fave things: high heels. The object of the game? Decide which shoe has the designer price tag and which shoe will set you back a mere $35.20.

The correct answer is that the heels up top were recently rocked by Nicki Minaj and retail for approximately $900. On the other hand, our version, which can be bought here, will cost you the same price as a trip to the salon for a full set of nails and a pedicure. Yeah, get Versace glamour without the couture cost.

Are you a fan of these platforms? Which one did you pick?

4 thoughts on “More or Less: Pastel Platforms

  1. It was a hard choice but I must say I picked the bottom as the more exspensive one because they looked more practical to walk in and I thought what celeb would want to wear something they can’t even get two feet in :P

  2. The bottom one actually looks pretty nice if you are going for a subtle look, but the other colors at gojane actually look better if you are going for that bold style.

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