HBO’s “Girls”: Real Fashion for Real Girls

Despite the fact that it’s an election year, the GoJane office has consistently been buzzing with talk of one topic: HBO’s Girls. We think it’s a testament to Lena Dunham’s genius that she’s managed to captivate our collective attention with her very real portrayal of twentysomethings struggling with a sluggish economy, complicated friendships, and of course, the requisite boy issues. But, this anti-Sex and the City hit has struck a chord for reasons not related to frank discussion of relationships and post-college ennui. Specifically,the clothing choices of Hannah and Co. are aspirational, yet decidedly relatable. As such, we’re taking a look at the women of Girls in order to offer some serious style inspiration. Oh, and we made sure to pull together a look based on the show.





Below is our version of a Girls look, specifically the fun and funky taste of Hannah. By the way, look out in the upcoming weeks for a post dedicated to each character’s style.

(beaded chain parrot earrings, adjustable stone ring, printed short sleeve dress, leather buckle satchel, and pleated suede flats)

Have you been watching Girls? Are you feeling the fashion?