Name This Outfit & Win This Patriotic Top!

Update 6/12/2012: Congrats Sierra! Her title…

“American Woman”

…was chosen as the winner. There were a few different submissions of this same title, so we took the fairest route and went with the person who submitted it first. Thanks for participating girls! Stay tuned for this week’s giveaway, which will be posted Friday.
Have you checked out our collection of American Flag pieces? We put it together for y’all, just in time to celebrate some of the most patriotic, American holidays of the year. Just a few weeks ago, we all saluted our fallen servicemen/women by waving millions of tiny little flags  during Memorial Day. In a few more weeks, we’ll gather for Independence Day. We’ll eat hot dogs covered in ketchup (red), mayonnaise (white) and mustard (made blue with food coloring). And in a few months, we’ll fire up the bbq one last time for Labor Day weekend. It’s a proud time for those who are living the American Dream and we want to make sure you gals are celebrating in style! We want to give you this stars n’ stripes-inspired top. All you have to do is name this outfit, so that we can add it to our Shop By Outfits page…

Tips for naming:

  • keep it short (a few words)
  • the clever-er, the better-er
  • song titles/lyrics are cool
  • the quirkier…the more attractive
  • making us laugh is always appreciated
  • get inspired by visiting our Shop By Outfits page

Comment below with your best titles. Comment as many times as you’d like, with as many titles as you’d like. Or include a list of all your titles in one comment. We don’t care how you do it…just as long as it gets done. Good luck!

Note: A winner will be chosen on Monday, June 11, 2012 @ 6pm (PST). You have until then to comment. Please leave a valid email address. We can’t contact you as a winner if your email is (although that would be an awesome email address). After a winner is chosen, he/she will have until Friday, June 15, 2012 to claim their prize. **International winners will receive store credit in the amount of the prize. Good luck!

155 thoughts on “Name This Outfit & Win This Patriotic Top!

  1. Country Couture
    American Couture
    Flag Couture
    American Fashionista
    Flag Fashionista
    Frou Frou Flag
    Country Catwalk
    Liberty Love

  2. Peppy Patriot
    July Jubilee
    Pretty Patriot
    Star Spangled Summer
    Baby, You’re a Firework
    Fashion Bursting in Air
    Red White and Beautiful
    Stunning Stars and Stripes

  3. Livin’ the American Dream
    American Sweetheart
    Let Freedom Reign
    Dream On
    White Picket Fence (in reference to the american dream)

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