Street Style Snaps Show You the Hottest Way to Wear Printed Pants

You’ve probably worn pants at some point in your life. In fact, we sincerely hope you have because otherwise you’re missing out on the glorious feeling you get from being totally confident you’re not gonna flash strangers while exiting a vehicle. But, chances are your pant choices are lacking and that’s where we come in.  Why? ‘Cause we love us some printed bottoms and wanna make sure you can enjoy ’em in all their patterned awesomeness. So, we found some cool street style snaps that will definitely help you figure out the best way to rock some seriously crazy bottoms and we even added some helpful tips.

Tip: Unsure about committing to a wild bottom? Try a neutral base, such as black or navy, with print. It’s a lot less scary than slipping on brightly hued leggings and you’ll find it easier to build an outfit around the pants.

Tip: You’ll notice none of the above pics include a completely solid top. Instead, it’s all about trying something unexpected, including plaid, polka dots, and more leopard. By the way, if it sounds scary to combine prints, just remember to pick stuff from the same color family.

Tip: A great bag will always pull your look together. We love picking a complimentary hue, like the picture on the far left, but it can also be fun to match your shoes and bag for a pulled together ensemble. Oh, and if you’re feeling all sorts of saucy, get crazy and choose heels and a bag that don’t necessarily match each other, but make you look good.

By the way, one of our lovely style gurus found a few cute pairs she thinks you’re gonna like. Thoughts?

(from left to right: leopard spotted leggings, chain print harem pants, broken diamond leggings)

Have you tried to wear printed bottoms? Was it a success or did you feel that it flopped?

Photos courtesy of We Heart It and Pinterest