Luxe for Less: Jennifer Lawrence

It’s not exactly shocking that we love us some Jennifer Lawrence, but our love for all things The Girl on Fire was solidified when we saw how she handled her sudden rise to stardom. Specifically, despite the fact that she has an enviable bod and a face to melt even the coldest of hearts, she still seems all sorts of accessible, as does her style. We recently saw this Kentucky native leaving the airport and were blown away by her casually elegant ensemble. After all, it takes a special sort of girl to look chic after being holed up on an airplane for hours, right? We knew we had to recreate this look, but our version won’t cost nearly as much as Lawrence’s. Why? Well, she was rocking some seriously pricey lace-up oxfords courtesy of Lanvin at the tune of $1,200 a  pop. Fortunately, our nearly identical look will cost you a mere $150.

1. contrast frame sunglasses
2. rhinestone bow skull necklace
3. solid tuxedo blazer
4. striped bustier tube top
5. convertible leatherette backpack
6. basic five pocket skinny jeans
7. braided strappy platform

Were you a fan of this look? What other celebrities would you like to see on Luxe for Less?