Rainbow Bright: An Inspiration Gallery of Neon

Girls living on the West Coast have known since January that spring is coming, but alas, those of you who don’t live in the sunny states are battling snow storms and chilly temperatures. But, we have a fun and fashionable way to cheer you up and brighten up even the most dreary of days. Ready for it? Really? Okay, we’ll spill: it’s neon. So, take a look at our picture gallery to get inspiration and oh yeah, make sure to tell (and show) us how YOU wear neon.

What was your absolute favorite image? Do you wear neon or is it one of those trends you’re unsure about?

PS: If you are afraid of looking like a highlighter might we offer a suggestion? Pair a small neon piece, such as shoes or a clutch, with neutrals. You’ll get plenty of pop, but the look won’t be overwhelming. And if even this is too bold? We like the idea of painting your nails in a bright shade, slicking on a bold lip, or adding a wash of color with eyeshadow.

Photos courtesy of Chictopia, Tumblr, and We Heart It