Win These Cowboy Booties!

GoJane is “SO AMUSED” in Southern Cali!

Something you non-Californians may not know about SoCal is that our Santa Ana winds got more kick than your Tia Socorro’s salsa roja! Our ferocious winds have been known to uproot trees and send big rigs skidding across four lane highways.

And of course with our luck, the winds were on an ass-kicking mission the day of our outdoor photoshoot. But being the alpha-females that we are, we didn’t go running indoors with our tails in between our legs. You best believe we braved the breeze! And with the exception of some dirty contacts and a few oopsie “I see London, I see France” mishaps, we managed to get some amazing shots.

Note: Windy days are a blessing in disguise for flat haired girls.  Thank you Santa Ana winds for our model’s beautiful wind-blown hair. Mama Nature, you may have tried to foil us, but you just hooked us up with a free hair stylist. Thanks!

Prize: The cowgirl booties featured on the model below…

Are you getting a case of deja-vu from looking at these photos? I know I am…this amusement park is the setting for one of the cutest and sweetest moments in my life. This is where my highschool sweetheart asked me to be “his princess” for the first time. Tear<3

So if you’ve been here before or just have an awesome sense of guess, comment and let us know where in Southern California you think this photoshoot took place. The first person who correctly comments on this post with this location wins the cowboy booties featured on the model. Be specific! We want the name of this Southern California family fun center.  Good luck and may the most stylist fashionista win!

37 thoughts on “Win These Cowboy Booties!

  1. Thanks for participating everyone! The photoshoot took place at Scandia in Ontario CA. “CNS” is the big winner. They were the first to answer with the name of the park and the correct city. Scandia has 3 California locations: Sacramento (not SoCal), Victorville and Ontario. Please check in next Thursday for our next “Where in SoCal is GoJane” contest.

    • But it’s for sure the Ontario one because in the picture, there is a tree behind the yellow windmill, and the Victorville one does not have any trees behind it.

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