Ladies in Leopard

Much like Gwen Stefani, we maintain that leopard can and should be paired with anything in your fashion arsenal.  Yep, we’re talking leopard and plaid, leopard and neon, leopard and… well, you get it, right? (Of course you do- you are a GoJane girl, after all) We’ve put together a mini-gallery of leopard looks we love and after taking ’em in we wanna know: what leopard look do YOU love and why? Oh, and if you’re feeling all sorts of fashionista then go ahead and show us how you rock leopard- we double dare ya.

We love how each girl managed to put her personal spin on leopard, from geeky chic to leather and leopard.

By the way, what gallery would you like to see next? As always, we are your stylish servants and want to put a smile on your gorgeous face.

Photos courtesy of Chictopia