GoJane is “SO ZEN” in Southern Cali!

You East Coast girls are hating on us West Coast gals aren’t you? Here we are strutting around town in barely-there dresses, while you’re bundled up in frumpy coats and jackets waiting for the cold weather to disappear. Don’t be mad at us, it’s Mama Nature’s fault. She’s blessed us with sunny days and warm weather…in January! This week’s outfit was chosen as a blatant (in your face, kind of) celebration  of the beautiful Southern Cali weather. Notice the need for sunglasses to protect our eyes from the glaring sun. Notice our model’s skin tone darkening into a subtle tan as the pictures progress. Notice the pretty flowers blooming in the garden. Yeah, you should be jealous! ;)

Have you taking a stroll through these garden’s before? Have you meditated amongst these beautiful dragon statues? Does looking at these pictures give you deja-vu? Let us know if you’ve been to this peaceful Southern California retreat. If you have, you know that it’s a vegetarian’s delight.  Hint: “So zen…”

If you’re diggin’ the model’s outfit, you can find it in our Shop By Outfits category on the store site.