A New Year, A New Style!

Now that the holiday season, and it’s accompanying hangover, is done it’s officially time for a new start. After all, is there any better time than the new year to unleash the new you? We didn’t think so. However, change can be a scary thing and that’s why we’re here; we want to encourage you to dare to be different this year (and every year thereafter). Furthermore, change may begin from within, but we can attest to the fact that a new outfit can spark a profound transformation. So, that’s why we’re suggesting you take the time to try out all the fashion trends you never thought you could.

Fashion is a constantly evolving cycle and consequently, in a few months or years you may look back at your sartorial choices and give a sardonic smile as you remember some of the ridiculous ensembles you donned. But, no matter how bizarre or passe a look is, the fact remains that experimenting with  your personal style can be immensely beneficial.

One of our favorite trends is the revival of  of florals. Yet, lest you find yourself concerned that we’re suggesting you slip on some of your mom’s hideously printed blouses from the 90s, a word of caution: 2012 is going to see lots of flowers, but they’re brightly colored and larger than life. Furthermore, we love pairing these feminine prints with tailored skirts or pants to balance out the colors and textures. Neatly dovetailing from our fanciful floral talk is bold prints. For example, harem pants with plenty of visual texture continue to be ever so stylish, as does the art of print combining.

Of course a review of up and coming trends wouldn’t be complete without an in-depth examination of the return of metallics. The shimmer and shine of pewter, gold, and silver looks great on a stretchy tube or as a slinky dress. Conversely, if you aren’t quite ready to look like an extra from Austin Powers in Goldmember then we suggest a lovely clutch and your fiercest hoop earrings. 

Finally, colorblocking has taken off in the last few months and we don’t see this particular trend abating in the very near future.