We Saved The Best (SALE) For Last!

What is 2012 going to bring?  A new boyfriend? A new job? A new waistline? I’ve been crossing my fingers about that last wish for weeks.  I asked Santa for the strength to not stuff my face with anything and everything fried. And I’m thinking he came through for me this year because today at lunch, half of my french fries fell off my tray and hit the floor. The old me would’ve scooped them right up, dipped them in ketchup and devoured them. But the new me, didn’t even bat a faux-eyelash at that golden glistening heap of heaven.  A small feat, but I had to start somewhere! My  newfound self-control made me sooooooooo fah-re-king happy, that I wanted to share my joy with all of you. So I drove down to the corporate office, kicked down the CEO’s door and demanded they put the entire GoJane.com inventory on sale!  And guess what? They did!

We’ve marked down EVERYTHING on our site! Yup, that’s right…EV-ER-Y-THING! So, even though we can’t promise you an awesome new boyfriend or job in 2012- we can promise that you’ll be looking more banging than you did in 2011 (if that’s even possible).

Hurry up, the sale ends Thursday December 29, 2011! Last sale of the year! You are so welcome!

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